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"Sports Chaplain-- Someone who desires to share their love for God with those who share their compassion for sports."

Today was a great day for the team. The mall and Trafalgar Square ministries flourished. Isn’t it amazing? There were many people who walked in the mall today, thinking that they were going to buy gifts for others. Instead, they were introduced to the one who died so that they could have the gift of eternal life. 

Several teams ministered at events today as well. One group never made it to the scheduled event because there were so many divine appointments along the way. Another group shared the love of Christ at Wimbledon, and a third group cheered for the USA and shared about the eternal gold through Jesus Christ at women’s basketball.

London, England -- ISC 2012 -- August 1st

James Gardner

Jonathan Bailey and Steve Wheeler

Chris Ramseur and Grant Bamburg

Alan Ratliff