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London, England -- ISC 2012 -- August 5th -- Jerry Haas

Our dear brother in ministry, Jerry Haas, headed back to Georgia today. It has been such a blessing to have Jerry in London with us. For those who may not know, in late January the doctors told Jerry that he had a brain tumor. Jerry’s friends in Christ from around the world continued to pray for God’s healing, provision, and guidance as the Haas family scheduled his surgery and trusted in the Lord. On February 1st, Jerry had the tumor removed. The doctors discovered that the tumor was one of the most aggressive kinds, glioblastoma. It has been obvious to all that God has had his hand right on Jerry’s shoulder throughout this time. Just three days after his surgery, Jerry was walking outside at the hospital, and just two days later, he headed home. Jerry’s doctors recommended the Tisch Brain Tumor Clinic in Duke, and they began to treat him. Tisch clinic treats up to thirty people a day with glioblastoma, so God provided the best opportunities for Jerry. The doctors at Tisch worked with Jerry’s doctors in Athens, Georgia so that he could be treated locally.

Jerry began to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Although Jerry’s body was undergoing much stress and strain, Jerry’s faith only grew stronger. The faith and trust in the Lord that everyone saw in the Haas family was contagious, and those around the world who were praying for Jerry were strengthened in their faith also. In April, Jerry’s MRI indicated that there was NO cancer anywhere in his brain. Jerry had another MRI in June, and it was clear as well!

On July 25th, Jerry arrived in London, England to provide leadership and to minister to the many people attending the Olympics. Every morning, Jerry would start out the day with the “Bogart Survey,” and amazingly, the survey would say, “…… days are the best days to share the Gospel at the Olympics in London, England!” Our survey, the ISC Chaplains survey says, “Our team has been blessed to have served this last ten days at the Olympics in London, England with our dear brother in Christ, Jerry Haas!”