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Mitch Hamilton

London, England -- ISC 2012 -- July 29th

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it! Sunday was amazing as the team split into four groups and attended a variety of churches in the London Area. One team went to Abbey Road Baptist Church. Another team visited Highbury Baptist Church that is in our neighborhood. A group returned to with Alan to attend a family service at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Woodford where Alan's friend is the vicker, and another team joined Myrna at Selhurst Evangelical Church where she led a soccer clinic on Thursday.

Just thinking about Divine Appointments... There are certainly those moments that we know are God breathed and full of His inspiration with results that we can measure. Then there are other times... Just consider the words divine and appointment. God is divine, and He has appointed us to His purpose, a purpose bigger than a moment… but the entirety of our lives. Every breath is appointed by Him, and He fills every part of our lives, all of our coming and going. This is really good to know when there isn't anything to see or measure. But if/when we show up, something always happens because God is there. 

Howard Jackson