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We prepare our lanyards, hats, coats and backpacks for our day of ministry. Attend team meeting where we receive encouragement for the day and time in prayer, asking God to go before us and prepare the way.

Doug Compton

Karen Adams

All along the way we are being stopped for photos. The Russians and other spectators are excited to get their photo with an American, especially those in the cowboy hats.

James Gardner

Fred Dallas and Jeff Wells

There definitely is no lack of security. To enter Adler Hub we must go through airport type security. Once upstairs, in order to board one of the trains bound for Olympic venues, we again go through airport type security, which includes the pat down. Each time we must take off our hats, coats,and lanyards, plus empty our pockets. You feel like you are dressing all over again.

A day in the life of an International Sports Chaplain. For each of us the day begins at various times. Some awake early, and go back to sleep, in order to have bandwidth to Skype their families. Others, sleep to the very last minute. Each of us carve out some time to begin our day with our Lord.

Some days during the team meetings our encouragement comes via Skype from former team members who were not able to come for this Olympic ministry.

"Most Like a Texan" is rookie team member Doug Compton

Mitch Hamilton

Fred Dallas encouraging the team and giving thanks for God's marvelous work. 

The final activity for the day is a time of celebration for God's Divine Appointments during our day as well as a time of prayer. Just as our prayer warriors are praying for us, we bring before the team prayer requests we have received from home. One of the fun parts of our team meetings at night is the "Most Like a Texan" award. There is no doubt our family of Sports Chaplains enjoy laughter.

The rest of the day is spent interacting with the spectators and sharing "The Greatest Story Ever Told." We take the encounters as they come. We do not approach them, they approach us. We graciously grant the photos. We share with them as God opens the door.

​​Sochi, Russia -- ISC 2014 -- February 16th

Mitch Hamilton and Doug Compton

After the morning team meetings, each ministry team gathers together in the courtyard and departs for their destination. Some travel by foot to the Adler Railway Hub. Others, catch the B10 bus for a non-stop ride to Adler Railway Hub. There they catch the train to either the mountain cluster or Olympic Park.