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Olympic Park tickets were sold out for today. Being the final day for the Silver team to minister together, we set out for Sochi City. Thus, far the teams had ministered in the Olympic Park area and the mountain cluster. Now, it was time to actually see the city of Sochi.

Karen Adams knows the drill. Adler Railway Hub, clear security and board the train. Remember, we are going to Sochi. The Black Sea (below) will be on our left going up.

Alan Ratliff and Jeff Wells thank Terry Veazey
for running the race and finishing strong
as well as safe travel home.

Sochi, Russia -- ISC 2014 -- February 19th

A quick stop for the WC and some milk shakes at you guessed it, McDonalds, gives Karen Adams the opportunity to share.

Alan Ratliff checks out the pins of a Russian pin collector. Pin Collecting is the spark God used to birth the "Jesus Pin." It is the best pin at the Olympics and has a story. Would you like to hear it?