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Alan Ratliff and James Gardner

The Front Team spent their first couple days exploring the areas around Olympic Park and the Mountain Cluster for the prime locations to minister. As we walked our prayer was for God to show us exactly where He wanted us to be. We prayed for those who would soon be visiting those areas, for the Divine Appointments He had awaiting our team and the teams safety as they traveled.

Jeff Wells arrived today. At the airport he was able to speak with some of the volunteers. We prayed for the language barriers, for Pentecost type communications to occur..

Outside the security entrance to Olympic Park.

Will be a prime area for ministry.

Jeff Wells

​​Sochi, Russia -- ISC 2014 -- February 5th

Peggy Stanley and James Gardner

"Sports Chaplain-- Someone who desires to share their love for God with those who share their compassion for sports."