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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 1st

The next couple days will be spent searching for the areas best suited for ministry. The empty arrival lines will be crowded with spectators and athletes clamouring about the games.

Pray for our team members who are currently traveling and those who are preparing to travel to Rio. Pray for our families at home. Ask God to meet all their needs as we put feet to the "Yes" we have put on the table. As"Sharing the Greatest Story Ever Told."

God has provided a quiet place for us to call home while here. We even have a small bakery around the corner that is much more than a bakery. Food of all kinds and MAGNUMS!!!

Pray for the Divine appointments God has planned for us at Copacabana Beach.

Those two events have further instilled in us our calling to the Olympic ministry here in Rio.​

Today the front team arrived in Rio. Peggy and David traveled together from Atlanta. James connected with Alan in Houston. 

During our travels God placed in our paths reminders that He has a plan. His plan is better than ours could ever be. Even with the broken foot, David is firmly in God's plan, David put his YES on the table when God called him to Olympic ministry over 30 years ago.

Lisa, one of the flight attendants on our flight to Miami, came back, thanked us for what we do. Asked how she could pray for us. Layed hands on us. Spoke a blessing over us. Now, isn't that awesome!!!

At lunch Luci stopped by our table. She said, "I don't speak English very well, so I wrote it down," and gave us this note: "Sorry, Dear, Brothers in Christ, I'm very happy because I think who are coming for salvation. God bless your journey in Rio. 'We are one people'"

"SMILE" the universal language every one understands,

How fitting that our plan today has "SMILES" as its logo.