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Peggy shares with a volunteer at the Beach Volleyball venue..

On a day when only creatures with web feet should be out, the team  loaded their backpacks with pins and joyfully went out sharing the Good News with anyone who would listen.

Alan and Steve share with the security personnel at while waiting for the Today Show to begin.

Yes, Alan, Jeff, Steve and Peggy got an early start this morning. Yes, it is a fun time. Yes, we love to be on live TV at home. YES, we are constantly sharing the Story of God's redemptive plan.From the time we arrived outside the Today Show studio until we departed the team was sharing the story of God's love.

Jeff shares the Gospel message outside the Beach Volleyball arena. In the background you can see Christ the Redeemer Statue.


Today Show with Al Roker.

Phillip and Mickey

God is providing opportunities with each step we take. There have been many decisions made to follow Christ, to return to Christ, and to step up for Christ. With each decision made the family grows and the potential for the family to grow multiplies.


In our team meeting last night we rejoiced over multiple decisions for Christ during the day. We celebrated New Life In Christ... but also prayed for many who are so close and near and yet did not make that most important decision.

​Pray for spiritual support in their home countries for all those who have accepted Christ as the Savior. Billy Graham says, "Follow up is 95% of every decision."


Steve and Peggy met this group of Americans. One lady already had received her "Jesus Pin." Steve decided to let her share the story with the others in the group.



​​​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 10th


Even the rain did not keep the team from talking about Jesus Love. Myrna and her team turned to the Starbucks ministry, as well as ministering in the small shops along the way.