Whether walking to our ministry sight or riding the subway, our team is constantly sharing about God's love. Phillip takes advantage of the time on the subway.

The Copacabana Beach ministry team for today.

Which way do we go? Peggy loves to interact with the volunteers by spending a little time giving directions. It always opens the door for someone in the group to share the "Greatest Story Ever Told" with the volunteer, or those passing by.


As our dear brother Jerry Haas would say, "Thursday's are the best day to share the Gospel. Walk slowly through the crowd. See the people with God's eyes."

After a long day, Paige gives our evening devotion during the "mandatory 8:30 pm" team meeting.


As the closing of the "Window of Opportunity" for the Gold team members draws neigh they take advantage of every opportunity to share. Even at the team dinner Paige takes time to meet a couple we noticed praying before they ate. One of the things God has impressed upon us is to encourage fellow Christ-followers.


Each morning the team has their personal quiet time, breakfast and then the "mandatory 8:30 am" team meeting. What time is the mandatory 8:30 team meeting?"

After the team meeting the ministry teams gather together and depart for their assigned ministry location.

PIN TRADING is as popular as most every Olympic Sport. It has been said that pin trading is like another Olympic Event, the biggest of the unofficial Olympic sports. The “JESUS PIN” is the International Sports Chaplain’s most effective evangelistic tool. It capitalizes on the excitement of Olympic pin-trading. It connects with anyone and is a terrific conversation piece. It allows you to “build a bridge” of instant communication with people. It leaves a legacy.

Olympic Park ministry teams leave early each day knowing the travel time is long...Walk to the subway... Subway ride to line 4. Line 4 Subway to Olympic BRT bus... Walk to park entrance... Walk to venue. Add to that the numerous times they are stopped by volunteers and spectators wanting to trade pins. Some have already heard about the most beautiful pin at the Olympics and are seeking the pin. Their asking for the pin opens the door for the Gospel to be shared. No "Jesus Pin" is traded. Nor, is it given away without the love of God being shared.

Steve, Phillip and James take advantage of the time leaving the restaurant. Slowly walking through the crowd waiting to enter, they are invited to share their love for God. It is just amazing.



​​​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 11th

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David has found his ministry venue. Each day he walks to the beach with the Beach Ministry team, secures his seat near the Megastore and pin traders, and becomes a people magnet. There is no doubt the Holy Spirit surrounds David and draws people to him in order for the Gospel message to be shared.