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Delayed in Sao Paulo, waiting for their luggage to catch up with them, Judy and Karen, were the last to arrive in Rio. All the way from the USA to South America, they found numerous people to tell about Jesus 

The remaining members of the gold team departed today. As they departed the last four members of the silver team arrived. The rest of the team hit the ground with vigor and enthusiasm. Some went to Copacabana Beach while others went to Olympic park venues.

​​​​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 13th

After getting their bags packed to leave mid-afternoon, Steve and Paige teamed up with Fred and Jonathan to minister at Copacabana Beach one last time before returning home. One of the most difficult things for a team member to do is leave with others still ministering.

Alan understands the art of pin trading. He also understands the role the pins play in our ministry. Displaying his backpack covered with pins always attracts the people. One of the best ways to enable us to start a conversation which ultimately leads to our sharing the great story of Jesus' love.

The biggest non-competitive activity at any of the Olympic Games since Lake Placid in 1980 has been that of pin trading. Keep our team members in prayer. We still have a week in Rio with one expressed goal - to share the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. -- Fred Dallas