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After today's events I think maybe it is time for me to share a testimony I had planned to save for later.

The end of June I took the updated design to the screen printer. After receiving notification they were ready I picked them up. I briefly looked at the shirt colors, brighter than normal due to Olympics being in Rio. Loaded the boxes into my car, stopped to deliver a few shirts, pulled the color and sizes out for the Paquette's out of the boxes, and took them to Paige. She holds one up and says, "Ahh, a red hand."

What? A red hand? Really, that is not supposed to be. Yep, the hand holding the torch was red. She wasn't pulling my chain. After quickly being sure I didn't approve a proof with a red hand, it was back to the screen printer with 142 shirts.

"Easy fix," they say. Fix and make it look good

or print new shirts. Doesn't matter to me,

just make it happen. 

​That same week we received notice the

shipment of"Jesus pins" was delayed.

Polo shirts were back ordered. In the back

of my mind was the thought, "What else

could happen?"

A couple days later I picked up the t-shirts.

They looked awesome. You could not tell they

had been modified. So, what is the punch line

that makes this story worthy of telling?

Here it is...

As Joe carried the box to my car, he says, "At least it was the hand." God used that misprint to tell me a great truth which I have relied on several times since.

This is God's ministry. He has a plan. No matter the roadblock, HE HAS HIS HAND ON THE RIO OLYMPIC MINISTRY! He holds the Light of the World. He is to be lifted up in all circumstances!!

Peggy Stanley

Tricia arrived today. We did a little shopping for things we forgot. Mapped out ministry sites and got some needed rest. Most importantly, some quality time with God.

Some pizza and family time tonight at dinner. We laughed, told stories and caught up on details of life.

More reminders of how God has everything in His control. Myrna and Jan were delayed in leaving New Orleans. It looked as if they might not be able to leave until Friday. Somehow, some way, Delta was able to get the plane boarded in what sounds like miraculous time. The pilot was able to shave 36 minutes of the flight time to Atlanta. And, they boarded their flight to Brazil. Praise the Lord!

​​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 2nd