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This afternoon we spent some time in the local market near the beach. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a young man in his booth. Of the three people working in his booth, he was the only one who spoke English. As I shared with him he was so plugged in to every word. I could tell his two co-workers really wanted to know what was going on. So after he and I finished talking I gave him two extra pins and a booklet with the gospel presentation and asked him if he would share the story with the ladies in his booth. He readily agreed and as soon as I walked away he had his pin and was sharing with them.

Myrna Gregory 



Wrapping up a long two days. Wednesday morning we headed to the airport at 5 am, flew to Miami, than to Manaus where we had a five hour layover. Then departed Manaus at 2 am and arrived in Rio at 7:30. So many opportunities to share the Gospel during the flight. Many of them were reaffirming people's faith.

Arriving at the hostei this morning, we hit the ground running, Doug and I were at the beach volleyball area and shared the Gospel with some other religions, with the spectators who came for the Olympics and with a lot of locals such as Carlos who so excitedly shared about his faith and how God had delivered him from his previous life of despair and into a life of hope.
We returned to the same area this evening where God opened opportunity after opportunity. Terry Veazy and Jan Adams Feldman shared with the Denmark Sailors Training group, 6 young men and women who gave their life to Christ tonight. Time after time God moved in incredible and powerful ways. I believe today was the snowflake on top of the tip of the iceburg.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue. Your obedience in prayer for us releases the power of God in our efforts as we serve Him on this mission.

​Randall Hamer




The Gold Team arrived today as weary travelers. Our team members have come from Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and Mississippi with one common goal ... sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the world.

The team members hit the ground running. After a brief family reunion and training time, we made our way to Copacabana Beach for ministry. You would not have known many had just arrived in RIo after 24 hours of travel.

​In the words of David Guinn, "When God's people gather... Miracles happen!!! New brothers & sisters in the kingdom tonight. Hallelujah!!!"

Just check out the smiles on the faces as the team shared passionately the "Greatest Story Ever Told"


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 4th


Dr Tony and David

Tricia and Doug