Jan and Ron

If you keep silent at this time, liberation and deliverance will come to the Jewish people from another place, but you and your father's house will be destroyed. Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this."  Esther 4:14

God has called us to this place not to be silent, but to go boldly and speak His truth. We have been called to this team not to be silent, but to go forth and take advantage of every opportunity.

For such a time as this, God has given us the "Greatest Pin at the Olympics" to be a tool in our hands as we share with the world "The Greatest Story Ever Told!"


bom Dia

(Good Morning)

Today's Guinnism: PREPATUNITY!

Be prepared for the opportunity

to give witness to the grace of God

at every opportunity!!!!


A Newbie's First Trip


Often times as we interact with groups of people God opens the door to share individually with the people via team members. Today after watching the Torch Run we met the two ladies above. As only God can do, He orchestrated the conversation in such a way that we all interacted with the two ladies initially. Yet, when the opportunity arose Paige and Randall shared with them individually. The seeds were planted. Pray for God to water them and allow them to grow until time for harvest.

Jeff and Dave

Dave, Jeff, Tricia

An amazing 1st day sharing today! My small team and I were able to share with people from the countries of: Germany, Holland, Honduras, Belgium, USA, Brazil, and Israel. Many wonderful encounters, sharing the Gospel, encouraging Believers and planted many sees with people far from God. One quick example: tonight after dinner one of my team members and I went to a grocery mart near our hotel to get water. Knowing that they have carbonated as well as non-carbonated water we were trying to figure out which were which. About that time a couple of teens walked by us so I asked one of them if she spoke English. She said she did and was able to help us get the right water. When I told her she was very helpful she got so excited that her English was good enough to help! We couldn't let the opportunity go by without telling them about Jesus. So, right there in the store aisle we shared the Gospel with them using the Jesus pin. God is so good! He will give us opportunities to share wherever and in what may seem some of the most mundane of circumstances.

Praise God!

Jeff Wells

Paige, Myrna, Randall



Friday's are the best days to share the Gospel!

As the teams set out for their appointed ministry sites, we keep in mind the destination may not be the only place our ministry will occur. Along the way we walk expecting God to interrupt our journey with a ministry opportunity.

Along the way to the USA House today, the team was interrupted numerous times. One of the things we have learned is that in Brazil nothing is free. Thus, when we give them the "Jesus" Pin, they are joyous. Grateful for taking the time to visit with them and for the gift. James and Myrna both experienced that excitement as they shared today along the way to the USA House.

Dave and Steve

​​​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016 -- August 5th


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Each day starts with a level of expectation that is almost undescribable. The team is so welcoming and filled with the Spirit of God. It is humbling to be a part of it. It is amazing to watch people like Terry find common ground with so many nationalities and make it look so easy to witness. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this mission.

Doug Martin