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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- ISC 2016

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OFF TO THE OLYMPICS!!! As we head to Rio DE Janeiro to carry the Good News of Jesus to folks from over 200 countries from around the world… a large number who have never heard of Jesus or His love... we must not allow ourselves to become preoccupied or distracted by the earthly glitter of this high profile World Sporting event and lose our eternal perspective. The hype, publicity, and electricity of the Olympic Spirit can cause many to lose sight of His divine purpose!!! NOW... we are FOCUSED on what God has commissioned us to do.

We want His DESIRES to be our desires… His purpose to be our PURPOSE… & His passion to be our PASSION! Jesus said, “I have come to seek and save that which is lost.” God wants us to share that JESUS’ PASSION. That 'Passion' will cause us to rise up and do things beyond our capabilities and limitations ... while logic will rear its little skeptical head and say, “It can't be done!” It’s the unbridled unadulterated passion that makes us hope all things… dream all thing… believe all things… that attracts our Father's attention… and sends Him swiftly to our side… to accomplish life-changing miracles that only God can accomplish.

Thanks for your prayers.
David Guinn
International Sports Chaplains

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