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ISC Prayer Requests

Prayer Warriors are the most important members of our team. As you kneel today, please, take the following to our Lord on our behalf:

  • Thanksgiving - Praise the almighty Lord for His going before us.
  • Focus - to remain on the "Main thing" sharing the Gospel message.
  • Power - the Holy Spirit’s power to proclaim the Gospel message.
  • Openness - open hearts & minds of those with which we share the Gospel.
  • Safety - in travel to and from Russia, in and around Sochi.
  • Protection - ISC Team members, citizens, guests, athletes during entire Olympics.
  • Endurance - physical, emotional, spiritual.
  • Health - stay healthy, strong, rest well at night, no blisters on feet, no illnesses.
  • Urgency - make the most of each and every day!
  • Boldness - follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting without hesitation.
  • Clarity - share the Gospel message clearly.
  • Removal of barriers - language, culture, race, background, officials, etc.
  • Divine Appointments - awareness of significance of each encounter for the Kingdom!
  • ISC Team - unity, love, encouragement, support as we share the Gospel together.
  • Family - protection, safety, schedules, health, well-being for the families of the team.
  • Harvest - that God will reap for Himself a bountiful harvest as we labor in the fields.
  • Growth - each team member will experience spiritual growth as He draws us closer to Him.
  • Follow-up - for churches, missionaries and other Christian groups around the world to help with spiritual follow-up and discipleship.

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